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We follow the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) curriculum from First standard onwards. All our text books are sourced from NCERT. Our experienced teachers follow a proven method of imparting learning to the students which has been gathered over a decade+ experience in the education field.

Pre-KG to UKG we follow the guidance of CBSE curriculum while reinforcing with internationally researched and developed learning tools and techniques.

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Our co-scholastics covers a varied list of activities which would keep the children engaged, healthy, develop skills and talent which would make them stand apart among their future peer groups. We provide opportunities to learn Music, Yoga and Karate while playing a varied set of sports. We also have Bharat Scouts and Guides activities which would help bring out the best among the kids. An additional activity of Road Safety Patrol is also included in our programs, to make our students aware and bring them up as responsible citizens.

Pre-KG to UKG we follow the guidance of CBSE curriculum while reinforcing with internationally researched and developed learning tools and techniques.



We plan to introduce/participate in many socially responsible activities to generate the sense of responsibility and create an awareness among the children about the environment and the need for showing care to others.

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Faculty Development Programs

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We are committed to train our faculty to develop them and improve their teaching abilities, focusing on the areas of core subject teaching, discipline, student-teacher relationship, understanding students’ emotional needs and guiding them accordingly. We aim to create an environment of mutual respect and caring, while aiming to improve students cognition and overall development of their personalities.

Our Specialities

We provide some of our specialities developed through the decade+ years of experience in imparting education to children, some in association with giants in this field.


The Kindergarten (KG) kids would be engaged through an Activity Based Learning program. This would facilitate them to comprehensively understand whatever they are learning, creating a strong foundation in their learning journey.


Communication is the fundamental learning that needs immense focus. Confidence in the ability to communicate their thoughts and ideas would make them excel in life. Hence, we have dedicated our energies to design this program for the Primary standard students to enable them to communicate better in English, right from early age.


A unique program designed for shaping personalities and develop life skills. CARVE is an acronym for Compassion, Attitude, Respect, Values and Empowerment. To prepare the children for a job or stream the traditional approach is not good enough. The opportunities and challenges are changing constantly and we have to equip our children to handle them better by focusing on self-development and social skills. This program has been developed on the foundation of Six Pillar (6P) curriculum. 1. Developing habits, 2. Shaping Behaviour, 3. Managing Self, 4. Managing Relationship, 5. Developing Mindset’s, 6. Enhancing 21st century skills.


Our comprehensive Student Performance Analysis, Review and Knowledge upgrade process is designed to focus on your child’s 360 degree development. Their academics, aptitude, behaviour and involvement in activities would be analysed periodically and reviewed to chalk out a path for improvement/enhancement.


This program is designed to support children from 6th standard onwards to prepare them for competitive exams, like NEET/IIT JEE, and creating a brighter future. We will also collaborate with other parties to facilitate coaching for competitive exams.


Our ROBOTICS program designed to support STEM learning, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to nurture creativity, critical, analytical and logical thinking. This program would enable your children, in the secondary standard, build cool projects in a super easy way while developing their critical, analytical and logical thinking process by identifying and solving problems. This would help your children develop confidence and open their minds to dream big.